Chestnut Park Real Estate’s Privacy Policy – Protecting Your Privacy

At Chestnut Park we are committed to protecting all of the personal information that you share with us to help you achieve your real estate objectives. To ensure that this goal is met, Chestnut Park has implemented a Privacy Policy which sets clear guidelines for its Sales Representatives to ensure that the information that you provide is protected in a manner that is consistent with the principles articulated in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Our Policy also ensures that not only our Sales Representatives, but also staff and third party providers are aware of our commitment to our clients with respect to keeping your personal information private. Details of the our Policy and the steps we take to protect your privacy are outlined in the document entitled Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited’s Corporate Policy on the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information which can be found on our website at:

How is Personal Information Defined?

As defined in the Act, the term “personal information” refers to details that specifically identify you as an individual. In providing real estate services to our clients, Chestnut Park will only collect personal information necessary to effectively market and sell the properties; to locate, assess and qualify properties for buyers, and to otherwise provide professional and competent real estate services to you the client. Chestnut Park’s use and retention of personal information is limited to these purposes. Chestnut Park’s Sales Representatives will seek your consent before any personal information you have provided is used in any other fashion.

Why is Your Personal Information Needed in Real Estate Transactions?

Information is gathered primarily through the completion of documents such as a listing agreement or buyer agency agreement and can include simple details such as your name and address. Other information such as current details about your finances will help our sales representatives to determine the most effective marketing or acquisition strategy for you. While the use of some of these details may be clear, you should never hesitate to ask your Sales Representative any questions relating to the gathering and use of your personal information.

Chestnut Park requires personal information for a number of other reasons:

  • To fully understand your needs and objectives
  • To provide you with information about our products and services that may be a good fit with your objectives
  • To help determine the suitability of and customize our services for you
  • To satisfy the regulatory obligations of our industry
  • To satisfy various legislative requirements such as the Income Tax Act, Excise Tax Act, the Real Estate Business Brokers Act, etc.

Keeping you Current on Market Activity

While your real estate transaction may be complete, a key part of the Chestnut Park service is to keep you, as our client, updated on industry and market trends. For this reason, personal information such as a mailing or email address may be used by your Sales Representative to communicate market information to you. In most instances your Sales Representative will seek consent from you prior to providing you with this type of information. It may take the form of newsletters, market reports, updates or information related to specific properties.

Occasionally, you may also receive a direct communication from your Sales Representative regarding a real estate opportunity appropriate to your objectives, by mail, phone or electronic means.

Sharing Your Personal Information

Under no circumstances will Chestnut Park or its Sales Representatives share your personal information with a third party service provider without your consent unless required to so by law. There may be legislative obligations imposed on Chestnut Park to share personal information related to our clients as that information relates to real estate services we have provided. If this occurs Chestnut Park will inform our clients that we are releasing this information and the reason for doing so.

Your Privacy Comes First!

Chestnut Park endeavours to maintain adequate physical, procedural and technical security with respect to its offices and information storage facilities so as to prevent any loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification of personal information.

Chestnut Park further protects personal information by restricting access to it to those employees and third party service providers that the management of the firm has determined need to know that information in order that Chestnut Park may provide services to clients and for no other reason.

Questions about the Privacy Policy at Chestnut Park?

Should you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or how it relates to a particular transaction, please do not hesitate to contact our Privacy Compliance Officer, at 416-925-9191 or by email